Honor and integrity never go out of style. It is the cornerstones in building this country. 1791 heritage collection symbolizes brotherhood, americana values, and a tribute to nostalgia. Everything is thoughtfully produced in Texas as we resurrect made in America production back in the heart of Dallas. The men's collection of heirloom staples is our modern interpretation of workwear- including military details from World War II and a nod to uniform inspiration from 1960's Boy Scouts. There is a strong notion of comfort, quality, and functionality. This is a collection of earth tones made to be worn throughout the years. The heritage washes we offer include city raw, miners rinse, and war wash which cater to any city or countryman's every day look. These are pieces that stay in the front of your closet. Made for use. Built to last. Nostalgia is part of the heritage we pass down. 

Say thanks to your grandpa.


A Sit Down with Rocky Garza

In a world of millennial comforts and FOMO (fear of missing out), it is in rare form to come across a young person that is truly above all the trivialities...