We at 1791 are dreamers. Well, maybe not the traditional type of dreamers. We dream of a well-worn axe lying next to the woodpile, perfectly distressed kitchen tables marked with water rings, and broken in jeans that speak volumes about adventures in your life. We are not boastful. We are heirlooms in the making. And we insist on holding ourselves to this highest standard especially since our clothes are made to be used, worked in, and LAST.

1791 will be there resting on your proudest past times for generations to come. It is unassuming, laid-back, and well versed in quality, which is exactly how we think life should be. Made exclusively in the TEXAS.

Why Made in America matters.

We are committed to giving you the highest quality items, all made in the United States. We know how important it is, to both us and our customers, to support American jobs and thereby American families. But as important as that is, it is not the only reason why we are so firmly dedicated to making our products in the USA.

Today the United States is a consumer nation. We are all constantly consuming thousands of different products, from the food we eat, the cars we drive, to the phones in our pockets. But life is not about what you consume; it is about what you make. At the end of your life it is what you built that will be remembered, not what you used up.

Staying Sustainable.

We as a nation must strive to bring an end to our obsession with consumerism. It is time to start making things of value, things that when you finish you can look at them and your heart will swell with pride. It is our goal to help promote and incite this shift towards becoming a more self-sufficient country that can be respected for the things it has made.

Starting right at home in Dallas, Texas.